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Heroin use in Clark and surrounding counties is not only on the rise, but it's taking lives at unprecedented levels.


Today, Heroin–related deaths in Clark County are on the rise. The number of accidental deaths due to Heroin alone, match total number of deaths by both traffic and homicide combined. The statistics indicate that the trend is increasing. Since 2008, there's been more than a 400% increase in accidental deaths due to Heroin in Clark County.

We cannot ignore this issue. It affects our children and our co-workers, our family members and our neighbors. It's easy to deny, but the facts are, Heroin use is everywhere.

Prevention is key. We need to educate ourselves about Heroin and take action.

Preventing someone from using Heroin for the first time is critical to stopping this epidemic. Being aware of how opiate-based painkillers contribute to this crisis is an important first step to stemming the Heroin crisis.

As a community, we must recognize that we cannot solely arrest our way out of this; we cannot count on medical treatment and therapy alone; rather, it's the coordinated combination of these components. It's the community working together to educate, prevent and invoke all of its members to do their part in stopping Heroin use in Clark County.


Let's face it. We are in this together and only
WE can stop the Heroin epidemic.


Cole's Warriors
Cole's Warriors is a site founded after the tragic loss of 16 year old Cole Ryan Smoot in 2011 due to an overdose of prescription drugs. Cole was a sophomore at Tecumseh High School in New Carlisle, Ohio and his story is both inspirational and informational. Local resources, videos and links are also available on this site.

Videos from the Coles Warrior site can be accessed directly by clicking on the links below:


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