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United Way Link: Dial 211
FrontLine Services Crisis Hotline: 216.623.6888

Spike in deaths. Deaths have risen almost 400% from 2007 to 2013. Deaths in Cuyahoga County by herion is more than by homicide. Heroin effects everyone no matter your age, sex or location.

Heroin use in Cuyahoga and surrounding counties is not only on the rise, but it’s taking lives at unprecedented levels.


Today, Heroin-related deaths in Cuyahoga County exceed deaths by homicide and exceed deaths by motor vehicles. And statistics indicate this trend will only increase.

We cannot ignore the issue. It affects our children and our co-workers, our family members and our neighbors. It’s everywhere.

Prevention is key. We need to educate ourselves about Heroin and take action. Preventing someone from using Heroin for the first time is critical to stopping this epidemic.

image of Cuyahoga County


We need to educate ourselves about Heroin and take action.

The community cannot solely arrest our way out of this; we cannot solely medically treat our way out of this; rather, it's the combination of these, along with the most important pieces being to educate, prevent and invoke the community to help stem this crisis.

Together we can stop the Heroin epidemic.


Let’s face it. Heroin addiction is real , and it’s killing us.


ADAMHS Board of Cuyahoga County
The Alcohol Drug Addiction and Mental Health Services Board provides information about treatment centers and other resources for in Cuyahoga County.


MHS Frontline Services (216) 623-6888
The 24/7 Crisis Hotline is an anonymous, confidential service. Talk with a licensed staff person who will listen to your concerns without judgment, assess your needs and recommend options and resources to help you.


St. Vincent Charity Rosary Hall (216) 363-2580
Rosary Hall is a drug and alcohol addiction treatment center operated by St. Vincent Charity Medical Center in Cleveland.


Stella Maris (216) 781-0550
Stella Maris is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization in Cleveland that provides chemical dependency treatment and mental health services.


United Way 211
Call 211 (or 216-436-2000 in Cuyahoga County) to speak to an Information Specialist who will suggest agencies and other resources to assist you. This community service is provided by The United Way of Greater Cleveland.